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Opportunities for growth at the NW Flower & Garden Show

By February 11, 2016February 26th, 2017No Comments

Build healthy soil, perk up plants and make your neighbors green with envy by using a locally-sourced, sustainable compost made with King County’s Loop® biosolids.


Future growth assured! Compost made with Loop builds healthy soil and strong, lush plants.

King County’s clean-water utility is hosting a booth at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, which takes place Feb. 17-22 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

Booth visitors can take home free samples of GroCo, a high-quality, nitrogen-rich compost made with Loop produced by King County’s treatment plants.

Soil experts will also share information about the benefits of biosolids-based compost for landscaping and vegetable gardens.

GroCo is a clean, pathogen-free and weed-free compost with an earthy scent and pleasant texture.

It’s easy to use, extensively tested for health and safety, and offers a slow release source of nutrients to nourish both plants and soils.

Gardeners and commercial landscapers value the Loop in GroCo because it’s a source of nutrients that build soil and boost plant growth. Onions-3

Besides building healthy soils, the use of carbon-rich Loop or Loop-based composts on farms, forests and landscapes also helps mitigate climate change.

Using Loop not only stores carbon in the soil and increases plant growth, but also reduces demand for fossil-fuel intensive synthetic fertilizers. By contrast, the production of Loop actually creates biogas, renewable energy that can be scrubbed and sold as natural gas or used to make electricity.

Use of Loop on farms, forests, and landscapes is the equivalent of taking 8,000 cars off the road.

Produced by King County’s regional wastewater treatment plants for nearly 40 years, Loop is a natural soil conditioner and endlessly renewable resource that restores carbon and nutrients to the land for the good of plants, people, Puget Sound, and the planet.
Learn more about Loop online.