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Protecting water quality – it’s good business! Survey coming soon

By February 4, 2016March 4th, 2016No Comments

Access to the great outdoors is just one reason King County is such an awesome place to live and work.

Because protecting our natural resources is a big job, we need everyone’s help.
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This spring, WTD will mail a survey to about 20,000 companies to learn about their wastewater disposal.

All companies need to dispose of their waste properly. But only some types of businesses need permits or formal authorization to send industrial wastewater to the sewer.

Answers to the survey will help determine what organizations need to protect water quality and the wastewater system. We currently work with many businesses who do a terrific job keeping our waterways healthy.

All businesses are required to respond. Even if a business only has rest rooms or break rooms on site, responses to the survey are very important.

Learn more about the survey online.IW envelope 004 (2).JPG