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Bond refi brings sweet savings to ratepayers

By February 4, 2016August 26th, 2020No Comments

Sewer improvement projects that protect our waterways and support a healthy economy now come with the benefit of a lower price tag.

On Feb. 1, we refinanced $279 million in sewer revenue bonds, which will save ratepayers an incredible $65 million over the next 25 years.
Since 2000, various bond refis have saved WTD a whopping $525 million in debt costs.

What could you do with $525 million?

A few luxury splurges to consider might include 91 million cronuts, 79,000 designer wedding gowns, or 100 Lamborghini Roadsters.

For the number-crunchers at WTD, who aren’t prone to frivolous daydreams, the savings will be put back to good use, supporting stable utility rates and reducing the need for future borrowing on projects that will protect water quality for the next generation of residents to enjoy.

As for 2016, we’ve budgeted $196.8 million for several infrastructure projects that will  help sustain vibrant economic growth while preserving the natural resources that make our region an attractive destination for work and play.