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WaterWorks grants $5 million to community water quality improvement projects for 2022-23

By November 17, 2021June 13th, 2023No Comments

68 projects aimed at protecting and improving regional water quality will be launched in the new year, thanks to funding through King County’s WaterWorks Grant Program.

The King County Council recently passed an ordinance approving the funding. The projects include a variety of approaches, including restoring stream and riverbanks, installing rain gardens, educating students and teachers, training youth in water quality job skills, monitoring water quality, and research.

Here are some photos of previous projects:

  • People planting trees and plants
  • People planting plants in a rain garden lined with mulch
  • People using their feet to tamp down soil in a rain garden
  • Students with mask on stand next to a large pile of invasive plants they removed
  • People standing in an area along a river bank with plants and mulch
  • A young man with a mask and safety vest on pours testing fluid into a beaker from a squirt bottle
  • A young man in safety vest and mask leans over a tub of water and looks at insects from a stream thru magnifiers

Some organizations were previously awarded WaterWorks funding. One example is the United Indians of All Tribes who are getting a second grant, Labateyah Native Water Steward Interns 2, focused on introducing native youth and other youth of color to careers in the environmental field. They won a Green Globe award in 2021.

For a list of the projects awarded funding for 2022-23, please visit the news release.