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Feedback wanted: Visit our online open house on the Lake Hills and NW Lake Sammamish Sewer Upgrade Project in Redmond

By December 8, 2017August 26th, 2020No Comments

If you live, work or play in northeast Redmond, we have news about an upcoming sewer improvement project that may interest you.

Join us at an online open house to get the latest updates on our Lake Hills and NW Lake Sammamish Sewer Upgrade Project, which is needed to upgrade 4.5 miles of aging sewer pipeline near Lake Sammamish so the system keeps operating reliably.proposed_overviewv2

Review plans, ask questions and share ideas to help us design a project that will be a good neighbor during both construction and operation.

The open house will be online through January 31.

Because construction will be noticeable to people who use nearby roads, parks and trails when it starts 2020, we’re hoping neighbors, cyclists, trail enthusiasts and park-goers will review proposed plans and offer input.

PowerPoint Presentation

Feedback so far indicates people put a high priority on preserving summertime park and trail access, coordinating construction schedules with nearby schools, and designing safe, workable detours for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. People also say they value protecting plant and animal habitat.

Is there anything else you think we need to know? Please tell us!

In addition to adding more capacity to serve the growing community, the project also entails installing 1.5 miles of recycled water pipeline, which could expand potential use of this resource in the future.

Additional information on the Lake Hills and NW Lake Sammamish Sewer Upgrade Project is available online.