Sedimentation tanks

Finding hidden value at the bottom of a sedimentation tank

What’s the real cost? Have you ever been undecided when buying an appliance, trying to choose between a standard or select model? You probably wished you had some data to help you make an informed choice. Well, by studying costs and crunching the numbers, maintenance engineers at West Point determined that what looked like a…

Chief Operating Officer meets with treatment plant employees

Cross-posted from KC Employee News Casey Sixkiller, Chief Operating Officer for King County Executive Dow Constantine, has been out meeting employees and leaders at worksites across the county since joining Executive Constantine’s Senior Leadership Team in February to learn more about all of the County’s lines of business, and he recently met with employees at…

Brown is the new ‘green’ as South Plant becomes a major local source of renewable biofuels

Purified renewable natural gas produced at South Treatment Plant in Renton is now a clean diesel alternative for local commercial trucks. Each year, the volume of renewable natural gas produced at the South Treatment Plant is the energy equivalent of about 1.7 million gallons of diesel fuel.

Public tours resume at the West Point Treatment Plant

Welcome to West Point this summer! If you’re curious about how water systems work, or if you’d like to learn about the things you can do every day to help protect water quality, sign up for a Saturday tour or drop-in for a visit on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 4 to 6:30 p.m.

Using virtual reality to train staff, pass on know-how

Cross-posted from KC Employee News Virtual reality is not just for gamers! King County is using HoloLens technology to capture work processes, take advantage of institutional knowledge and enhance staff training using Mixed and Virtual Reality. In a pilot project with Microsoft and Taqtile, King County’s Departments of Information Technology and Natural Resources and Parks captured work processes…

South Plant gets to the heart of energy efficiency

This fall, WTD earned an $894,970 grant from Puget Sound Energy for a pump replacement project at South Plant that will save enough electricity to power 212 homes a year. Read how our team of engineers, energy experts and plant operators collaborated with each other and with our PSE partners to make this project succeed.