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The RainWise program were big participants in August’s Neighbor Night Out celebration. RainWise staff and partners visited 14 different block parties hosted by current RainWise customers, and spread the word about the program to over 300 residents. This is the second year, the RainWise team participated in the Neighbor Night Out celebration and will certainly not be the last.

Thanks to Betty Terrell and Cathie Scott, who participated in Neighbor Night Out in North Seattle

The RainWise program will also be celebrating the installation of a rain garden at Highland Park Elementary on October 5th, 2019. This will be the fourth RainWise installation at a Seattle Public School, and the first RainWise installation in a King County CSO basin. The students at Highland Park Elementary have stayed engaged with the installation since the beginning, and have received supplemental lessons on stormwater management and green stormwater infrastructure, as well as participated in the planting of the rain garden. This all could not have been done without the contractor – Home Grown Organics – who have been flexible and collaborative from the beginning.

Seattle 2030 District recently hosted a community discussion on green stormwater infrastructure, and invited King County RainWise staff to present. RainWise staff discussed the details of RainWise and other regional green stormwater infrastructure incentive with 20 Capitol Hill residents.

For more on the RainWise program and how to apply for a rain garden and cistern rebate, please follow this link:

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