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Sustainability is much more than a trendy buzzword at WTD. It’s a core part of our mission because wastewater isn’t really waste at all – it’s a resource that’s especially valuable for making clean, renewable energy.

At our South Treatment Plant, we’ve been turning the methane from the waste solids into natural gas for decades. But we’re really excited about a new program that’s transforming the gas into a transportation fuel.

The infographic and video below explain how it works.


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  • Marjorie Gray says:

    This is such a winderful, innovative solution! I am so pruod to live in a region that puts money into developing environmentally friendly solutions. I used to live close to the Brightwater Treatment Center, and was very impressed at how a waste treatment center could be an asset to the neighbors, as a beautiful park to walk and explore. Keep up these great solutions, King County!

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