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A Garden Nourished with GroCo Beats a Cage in a Closet

By July 28, 2016September 21st, 2020No Comments

Another gardener’s story in our series #MyGardenOnGroCo. Share your story about gardening with GroCo!


I was one of those kids who are nuts about animals. You know who I’m talking about. The kid who finally got her own room in a city apartment and then spent dog-walking money on hamster cages.  I raised rodents in my closet until the smell gave away my expanding breeding operation.

Now I’m all grown up and I can host animals in my gardens instead of my closet.  I plant for our local wildlife and stand back to enjoy the show. Hummingbird

This year, I picked up a free pickup load of GroCo compost at the World Water Day event at Brightwater Center.  It’s my first time using GroCo. The summer garden for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds exploded like never before with never ending blooms.  Hummingbirds chase each other around fat, nectar rich flowers. Swallowtail butterflies linger among the riches a little too long and risk losing a chunk of wing to a bird’s beak. A gentle hum of bees lingers over the petals.

And I get an extra splash of goodness because I’m helping to turn our waste into a future for my wild visitors.  Hosting animal families in a well-nourished, sustainable garden beats a cage in a closet every time!