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GroCo Helps Your Garden Grow

By July 27, 2016January 30th, 2017One Comment

Even Mary, who we hear is quite contrary, knows how to make her garden grow – with the nutrient-rich power of GroCo!

But don’t take it from us; let a local gardener tell you how GroCo turned an average meal into a locally-sourced and sustainable farm-to-table dinner party.


“My family has a new name for our backyard garden: tomato jungle!  Holy tomatoes!  We have never had them so dense and so tall, with tons of flowers and little green tomatoes of all shapes and sizes.

What is different about this year?  GroCo!

Our cabbage, broccoli, and salad greens are amazing as well (we can hardly keep up with all the produce). Last night we celebrated with a “farm-to-table” dinner where “guests” picked their own salad greens and then the greens literally went right onto their plates. Everything was so clean and fresh! As the chef, I like this style—dinner is much easier eaten straight from the garden. Three cheers for GroCo!”

What’s your story? Share it using #MyGardenOnGroCo and let the world know how your garden grows.

If you’re ready to start using GroCo, you can purchase it at Sawdust Supply in Seattle.