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Holding the line on sewer rates for 2016

By July 28, 2015August 26th, 2020No Comments

In addition to protecting water quality, we’re also dedicated to efficient operation and good financial stewardship.

Back in June, the Metropolitan King County Council voted to keep next year’s sewer rate at the current level of STP-Digester 050312 025$42.03 a month.

Several factors helped us hold the line on sewer rates, including a stellar credit rating that allowed us to carry out a record-setting bond refinancing earlier this year. The refinancing will help us save $15.9 million over the next three years, and over $160 million over 33 years.

The capacity charge, which newly connecting customers pay in addition to their monthly sewer rate, will increase by $1.70 per month to $58.70. The capacity charge covers the cost of new facilities and system expansions, ensuring that “growth pays for growth”.inspections

The sewer rate and the capacity charge generate the revenue needed to maintain the regional wastewater system and invest in infrastructure upgrades and improvements.

For more information about sewer rates and our service to you, please check out our Ratepayer Report newsletter.