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You Have The Power (to Stay Up to Date, That is)

By September 6, 2016January 30th, 2017No Comments


By using GPS technology to find underground pipes, King County can keep trails open and traffic moving as it works to keep our region’s sewer service safe and reliable. Like a high-tech divining rod, GPS lets our surveyors find pipes without disturbing the surface.

You don’t need advanced technology to keep up to date on King County’s sewer upgrade project in Redmond.Whether you’re a resident, bike or car commuter, or one of the thousands of people who recreate at Marymoor and Idylwood Parks, all you need is your phone.

On projects like the Lake Hills-NW Lake Sammamish Sewer Upgrade, featured here, interested community members can receive text or email updates about the County’s work without having to lift a finger – or a manhole.

Sign up on the project Web page, or text KING REDMONDSEWER to 468-311.

Interested in the North Mercer Island/Enatai Sewer Upgrade Project?  Sign up for email and text alerts by texting KING MERCERSEWER to 468-311 for Mercer Island and KING ENATAISEWER to 468-311 for Enatai.