stainless steel scrubbers

The case of the metal strands – teamwork leads to the source of treatment system damage

When wastewater comes into the Carnation Wastewater Treatment Plant, it first passes through a process that removes larger particles like trash and grit from the water. Next, the water flows through a process that involves tanks containing membranes. These membranes are fine filters (like spaghetti) that only allow water molecules to flow through. When staff…

Brown is the new ‘green’ as South Plant becomes a major local source of renewable biofuels

Purified renewable natural gas produced at South Treatment Plant in Renton is now a clean diesel alternative for local commercial trucks. Each year, the volume of renewable natural gas produced at the South Treatment Plant is the energy equivalent of about 1.7 million gallons of diesel fuel.

Using virtual reality to train staff, pass on know-how

Cross-posted from KC Employee News Virtual reality is not just for gamers! King County is using HoloLens technology to capture work processes, take advantage of institutional knowledge and enhance staff training using Mixed and Virtual Reality. In a pilot project with Microsoft and Taqtile, King County’s Departments of Information Technology and Natural Resources and Parks captured work processes…