Calvin on the mower

“When you come to work, you want to be in a happy environment. This is what we help create.”

Happy place = happy at work If you’re like most working people, you spend enough time at your job that it’s like a second home. And most people would agree it’s nicer when your workplace is tidy – even beautiful. A pleasant work environment isn’t just a bonus or a “nice to have.” Studies show…

Turning Gold into Platinum

Each year NACWA recognizes member agency facilities for their dedication in maintaining compliance of NPDES limits. All of our plants are receiving awards this year, but we’re especially excited to announce that our Vashon Plant has now moved up the ranks from Gold to Platinum. Platinum Awards recognize 100% compliance with permits over a consecutive five-year period.

Pokémon, Don’t Go Here!

A few weeks ago, Nintendo awakened the ‘90s kid in all of us when it released its newest interactive mobile game, Pokémon Go. While it’s thrilling to see technology getting people outside and exercising, remember that you can’t always go where the Pokémon are. Within a few days of the game’s release, reports described people…