Wastewater workers prepare for rainy weather

As rainy weather approaches, we are on the job 24/7

As we move into the rainy season, our crews are on the job 24/7 to ensure the region’s wastewater treatment service is well-prepared for an emergency or stormy weather. To make sure we’re ready for what wet weather can bring, we have inspected and replaced equipment, updated control systems and increased training of treatment plant…

King County South Treatment Plant

Utility of the Future Today & awards for outstanding performance

King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) has received national recognition as a Utility of the Future Today for its beneficial use of Loop® biosolids. WTD is one of 65 water utilities being recognized for transformational work in community engagement, watershed stewardship, and recovery of resources such as water, energy, and nutrients. The Utility of the Future…

Accessible meetings video

Welcome people of all abilities to your remote meetings and events!

Are you hosting remote meetings? King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) would like to share some advice that will make your meetings more accessible. Not too long ago, a pandemic might mean intense social isolation for some. Today, technology lets us stay connected in real time, if not in person. Remote interactions are a lifeline…

Public tours resume at the West Point Treatment Plant

Welcome to West Point this summer! If you’re curious about how water systems work, or if you’d like to learn about the things you can do every day to help protect water quality, sign up for a Saturday tour or drop-in for a visit on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 4 to 6:30 p.m.