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Earth Day: Sticking to values in tough times

By April 24, 2020September 16th, 2020No Comments
Beach clean up volunteer

Beach clean up: debris and garbage is removed from the Discovery Park beach by King County wastewater worker volunteers

Wastewater treatment is essential to protecting public health and the environment – but we do more than treat the region’s wastewater. From reducing our carbon footprint to recycling the products of sewage treatment, our employees are committed to protecting the environment, public health and our quality of life. That commitment endures in difficult times – and sometimes happens on their own time.

This year for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, West Point Treatment Plant employees safely organized a volunteer cleanup of Discovery Park beaches near the plant. Some employees are telecommuting if they can do their job remotely, so with fewer staff this year, a smaller team hit the shore on their lunch break, with mask on their faces and garbage bags in gloved hands.

Careful to maintain at least six feet of distance at all times, the crew picked up a truckload of trash and debris from the public beach.

While operations and maintenance staff pick up the trails and beaches around the treatment plant at other times of the year, Earth Day is the day everyone at the plant pitches in – including administrators, process laboratory staff, and managers.

And that’s how we get through.  We’re in this together – just six feet apart.

Beach clean up

Beach clean up: debris and garbage removed from the Discovery Park beach by King County wastewater worker volunteers